Realtor Accounting & Management Program

At Taylor McKay, we recognize the busy role that Realtors play in the lives of millions, in finding their clients not just a house, but the perfect home. We also recognize the constraints that are put upon Realtors and prevent them from maximizing those transactions.

Our Realtor clients have repeatedly told us how the daily, weekly, monthly and annual grind of bookkeeping, and associated GST and tax filings, has caused them angst and held them back from being as busy a Realtor as they would like...

Accordingly, Taylor McKay created the RAMP program to solve those problems.

The RAMP (Realtor Accounting & Management Program) eliminates all those angsts by having Taylor McKay do their monthly bookkeeping, collect all their ITC information, look after their GST filings, complete their annual corporate or personal tax filings, add on spousal or family tax filings and even be their voice with CRA.

Being enrolled in RAMP is an inexpensive and effective way to be professionally managed, to free up your time and be as effective a Realtor as you can be.

Welcome to RAMP!

Taylor McKay Inc.
Accounting & Business Advisory